Preparing pre-elite Gold Coast athletes for their journey to Olympic or high-performance success through quality inclusive sport and life skill programs

You don’t need to be excellent to start but you need to start to be excellent!

Our Values: To Achieve, To Excel, To Inspire, To Respect

The road to success is paved with mistakes well handled

Uniquely designed programs that provide a holistic approach to further an athletes physical, personal and professional development

Too often we confuse talent with ability. Ability consists of the physical and skill aspects. Talent on the other hand is the big picture, character, leadership and much more. Many with ability, few with true talent.

Welcome to the Gold Coast Academy of Sport

Founded in 2009, the Gold Coast Academy of Sport is a not-for-profit sporting organisation which exists to help produce future champions within the region.

Programs are developed to provide opportunities for young able bodied and athletes with a disability to develop the fundamental physical literacy including sport specific skills. Programs also support the lifelong engagement with sport to prepare them for regional, state, national and international competition. To retain and further develop talent in sport is an important message.

About the Academy

Academy programs

Positioned in the ‘Talent’ phase of the FTEM framework, the Academy offers a variety of sporting program for athletes aged 12 – 18 years of age. Each program is uniquely designed specifically for the sport and can span a few days to six months.  Programs aim to promote interest, participation, knowledge and opportunity to all involved. Programs also encourage athletes to use the tools and skills learnt to reach their full potential.

The pressures and challenges facing our talented athletes are not limited to just physical performance. Expectation, time management, social media, financial pressures, education, training, and recovery are just some pressures all athletes must cope with.  The Academy focuses on offering the athlete with information to help cope with these and other areas that athletes are faced with in their sporting life. Academy programs focuses on the importance of ensuring athletes have acquired the skills and knowledge to allow them to cope with performance and training pressures to enjoy their sport and perform at their best when they step into the elite arena.

Education and retention of athletes within sport is another of the academy’s major aims. It is a well-known fact that between the ages of 12 and 18 many athletes walk away from their sport. The Academy’s mission is to engage with these athletes and offer them an opportunity to develop further within their sport through skill development and core education sessions. Recognition and acknowledgement of talent and performance is a major factor in growing the athlete’s confidence which in turn helps them to achieve.


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