About our programs

The Gold Coast Academy of Sport currently offers a number of sport programs including a unique future stars program that caters for aspiring athletes who do not fit within the criteria of a sport program or who participate in individual sports or activities that are not offered as a full Academy program.

Each program is uniquely designed specifically for the sport providing emerging athletes with the skills, knowledge and exposure that will support them along their sporting journey. Programs focus not only on specific sport technical skill acquisition and physical development but also focus on the personal and professional maturity of the athlete. Thus providing tools to cope with pressure, appreciate opportunities and perform at their best physically, psychologically, tactically and technically when they reach elite status.

Professional presenters help develop athletes holistically through a number of educational sessions including personal development, community engagement, nutrition, strength and conditioning, recovery, body maintenance and many more.

Each program is supported by our “Future Champions” strategy which is a genuine pathway from “Foundation sport to elite performance”.   This strategy is driven by the FTEM evidence-based framework that espouse a best practice and holistic approach to participant and athlete development. The GCAS has used the FTEM framework to evaluate the success of programs conducted.

GCAS Athlete programs will primarily align with Talent 1 to Talent 4 Levels of the FTEM Framework

The framework was developed by the AIS to capture different sporting pathways and integrate key outcomes of sports participation: active lifestyle; sport participation; and sport excellence.


Want to be involved?

Coach, Volunteer, Manage

Coaching and Support staff form the volunteer backbone of the Gold Coast Academy of Sport in providing the on-field, technical coaching of the Academy’s sporting programs.

The greater majority of Academy coaches are sourced from within the Academy’s catchment area. As with our Academy athletes, our coaches are already active participants within their own sporting communities; with many taking up multiple roles within their Club and Association organisations.

Our coaches and support staff have a passion for the development of junior athletes within the Gold Coast community. It’s the Academy’s volunteers and staff that allows our athletes to achieve their sporting potential in their chosen arena, whilst promoting a culture of youth, sport and excellence within our community.

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