Program Overview

AFL was introduced into the Gold Coast Academy of Sport program in 2017 as part of a development Player Program to provide additional skill development opportunities for aspiring young AFL players of the Gold Coast. The immediate goal is to up-skill young players so they are in a better position to achieve higher-level representation and progression in the sport. 
Unfortunately, at present, we are unable to offer an AFL program.

The Academy is currently working to further develop a promising program for the Gold Coast. This junior development program would offer off field components including elements that value add the skills of preparing for growth and development. Topics such as Nutrition, Body Maintenance and Rehabilitation and Sports Psychology would be covered to improve the overall health and well-being of young developing athletes.

Should you be interested, please do not hesitate to contact the Academy.


Selection Process

GCAS is currently working to establish a program to further develop the grassroot athletes of the sport on the Gold Coast. Application open dates for the program can be found under the program information tab. To register for open programs head to the Open Applications page by clicking Register at the top of the page.


To be eligible for selection into the GCAS AFL program Academy athletes must be:

  • Be registered with AFL Queensland
  • Currently residing within the Gold Coast City Council boundaries
  • Be a self-driven athlete, who is committed to improving his skills and applies effort in every session

The Pathway

The GCAS AFL program exists to help further up-skill athletes and assist them in progressing to higher representation in the sport of AFL. Athletes will be given the opportunity to be involved in educational sessions to further their knowledge off the field.

Athlete Benefits

The benefits from being involved in skill and educational sessions are well founded. Many girls and boys have dreams of playing in the national league. The benefits from being involved in a program which the Academy is involved with is to further educate the player in development off the field. These educational sessions offer information which is sometimes not given during practical training sessions due to time spent on the field. Information from these sessions provides players the tools to improve recovery, performance, and an overall understanding of well-being.