Program Overview

The Gold Coast Academy of Sport has delivered a number of BMX programs. Programs have included young riders between the ages of 7 and 16.  They have participated in an eight-week program which was held at Nerang BMX Centre in 2018 and 2019. The Academy was excited to have some extremely experienced coaches and riders learning about how to approach their sport in a more holistic way. 

Educational presentations included Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Media training, Recovery, Injury prevention and Rehabilitation, Time management, Strength and Conditioning, along with a range of technical aspects in riding and gate starts.

The program highlighted that along with being able to control the bike around the many hills and turns, they also benefited from the value-added sessions off the track.

BMX is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia where the whole family can participate. With over 110 clubs Australia wide, riders of all ages (from 2 to 50+) are able to compete in organised race meetings at the local level.  With both State and Federal governments currently working to address physical activity for people of all ages, this sport is a great option for families to become involved.  Riders have the opportunity to compete in competitions at a State, National and World Championship level.

In Australia, most BMX racetracks have unique characteristics, but they are generally around 350 to 450 metres long with a 3 to 5 metre starting hill and electronic starting gate. There are also usually four straights built up with fun and challenging dirt jumps for all ages, three berms (raised banked turns) and a finish line.

The focus of the GCAS program is to help riders learn from track sessions along with giving them professional presentations on how to prepare for training and competition away from the track. We also advised riders on bike maintenance.


Staff – Erin Lockwood, Taylah Maurice, Dale Percy

Alexander Keed

Audrey Gard

Benjamin Keed

Blayze Glover

Bradshaw Luke

Braxton Behrendt

Caidence Andrew

Callum O’Connor

Harry Middelbosch

Indiana Mitchell

Jacob Moore

Jensen Bentley

Kaiya Vallentine

Kensie Daly

Lee Chwieduk

Liam Forlong

Milly Ferguson

Oskar Creighton

Parker Henness

Pippa Creighton

Zac Roberts

Selection Process

Athletes are requested to complete the application forms and email them to

After acceptance into the program, the athlete is asked to complete participation and medical forms.

Athletes are also charged a levy for the program which covers coaching, venue hire, number plate and jersey.


Athletes must be members of associated clubs to ensure insurance coverage.

Must be on a bike and have own equipment including suitable BMX pants, helmet and shoes.

Athlete Benefits

Athletes have an opportunity to learn about off-track skills including body maintenance, nutrition, how to approach competition and training and many other aspects. The program covers the well being of the rider.