Program Overview

The Gold Coast Academy of Sport has delivered several BMX programs since the inaugural program in 2018 and has included young riders between the ages of 9 and 18. In 2021 and 2022 after partnering with AUs Cycling, a 3-week intensive program was held leading into the National Championships. In 2024 with the BMX State Championships on the horizon this September at the iconic Nerang BMX track, we’re seizing the opportunity to offer riders a comprehensive preparation platform.

This isn’t just about getting a feel for the track before the State Champs; it’s a holistic program designed to elevate riders’ performance. Participants will gain invaluable insights into the technical and tactical nuances of the track, ensuring riders have the edge when it matters most.

The curriculum encompasses a variety of educational sessions including Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Media Skills, Recovery Strategies, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, Time Management, as well as Strength and Conditioning. Moreover, it covers numerous technical skills related to riding and starting techniques.

The program underscores the importance of mastering bike control through the course’s numerous inclines and bends, while also gaining from supplementary off-track educational sessions.

BMX racing is rapidly becoming a popular family sport across Australia, boasting over 110 clubs nationwide. It welcomes participants of a wide age range, from toddlers as young as 2 to adults over 50, to engage in local competitions. With both State and Federal governments striving to enhance physical activity across all age groups, BMX offers an excellent avenue for family participation. Competitors have the chance to partake in events at State, National, and even World Championship levels.

The GCAS program aims to enrich riders’ experiences by combining practical track lessons with expert-led seminars on off-track preparation for both training and competition. This includes guidance on maintaining their bicycles.


Program Information Flyer 

Session 1: 18th August at Nerang BMX
Session 2: 25th August at Nerang BMX
Session 3: 1st September at Nerang BMX
Session 4: 8th September at Nerang BMX

Coaches: Dale Percy, Kyle Hill and Kane Gibbons 


Selection Process

Athletes are required to complete the online application form found under the open application page. All applications will be assessed by the academy coaches and staff. 

Athletes accepted into the program are charged a levy covering associated program costs including coaching, venue hire, program journal, and jersey.


Athletes must be members of associated clubs to ensure insurance coverage. As part of the academy, all athletes are further covered by insurance. 

Must be on a bike and have own equipment including suitable BMX pants, helmet and shoes.