Future Stars

Program Overview

In the past years, and again during 2023 the Gold Coast Academy of Sport (GCAS) provided a program for aspiring young athletes from within the Gold Coast region in a number of sports that sat outside of the team sports offered by the Academy.  Sports such as Tennis, Triathlon, Swimming, Ice Hockey, Go Karting, Kayaking, Touch football, Softball, and Action Sports to name a few. Applications are now open for the 2024 program! Any athlete in any sport aged 12-16 is welcome to apply for the 2024 program starting March 2024.

The program (regardless of sport) caters for basic fitness elements of athletes, building their awareness of important issues/aspects that are essential in the development as an elite performance athlete.  The Academy understands all sports have different individual skill needs which the athlete has to target, but the underlying strength and basic movement patterns are general areas that can be worked on, regardless of the competition sport.

In addition to these skill development sessions, athletes will be involved in a number of core educational sessions to help them develop and grow to become a ‘student of their own event and sport’.  These sessions include topics such as nutrition, sports psychology, body maintenance and time-management to name a few.  All sessions are delivered by professional presenters in their respective fields and are focused on helping athletes develop into an all-round athlete on and off the field of play. This high-performance development program provides physical and mental skills which will benefit the athlete outside of normal individual, club and association trainings.

It is understood and accepted that once an athlete commences the program, to gain full benefit, they should attend all training and educational sessions as set down by the coordinator.  If, for some reason, the athlete is unable to attend due to sickness/other commitments, it is expected that the coordinator / GCAS is advised.

On completion of the program, all athletes will be recognised at the ‘End of year Awards’ ceremony conducted at the RACV.

Future Stars

Staff – Annaleise Stoyko, Glynis Nunn

2023 6-month Program:                          2023 Mid-year Program:

Anika Lemusu                                           Aiden Papworth

Cody-Jett Farag                                        Claudia Hart

Didier Liddell                                            Ethan McIntyre

Joshua Brass                                             Kaden Lander

Josie Lowry                                               Kayden  Evans

Julia Mannell                                            Koby Cassidy

Kiaan Hamawi                                          Kylie Annandale

Lachlan Supple                                         Luke McDonogh

Lachlan Palmer                                        Orlando Fitzpatrick

Oliver Pearson                                          Tilly Ojiako-Pettit

Rafael Ileana                                             Taiga Daly

Rhys Cargill                                               Liam  Blakemore

Samuel  Pithie                                          Charli Guy

Sharla Fung                                              Greta Schwarz

Spencer Balle

Vlad Ileana

Will Kreuger

Selection Process

To apply for a GCAS future stars academy position, potential athletes are required to complete an academy future stars application form and must attach supporting materials advising of achievements within their specific sport.


Athlete Benefits

There is a levy that goes along with being part of the program but for this fee, future star athletes receive the following benefits:

  • A full GCAS uniform kit including a polo shirt, training t-shirt and training shorts
  • Fitness testing conducted by coordinator of Future Stars program and associated personnel
  • Access to attend educational seminars presented by the GCAS.