Program Overview

The Gold Coast Academy of Sport (GCAS) alongside Women’s Golf Gold Coast (WGGC) is extremely proud to announce the commencement of a regional academy sports development program for Golf. The academy will see the organisations combining to provide the best possible pathway for talented female junior golfers on the Gold Coast. The program will be open to applications for girls of all ages.

This program is organised to enable athletes to participate in the sessions which includes both practical and educational components.  The program is under the control of the WGGC program organisation with the Academy partnering to deliver specific professional presentations focused on the well-being and education of the players off the course.

Along with players being involved in educational sessions, they will also have the opportunity to play with touring professionals at specific times throughout the year.  Sessions will be organised and scheduled at times that suit the young athletes.

Regular sessions will focus on individual skill development along with ‘life skill’ topics such as Nutrition, Body Maintenance, Sports Psychology topics, Time Management and Study skills and many more to choose from.


Selection Process

The Gold Coast Academy of Sport will advise how players can become involved.   If interested, please do not hesitate to contact the Academy.

For any enquiries, please contact the GCAS office.


The program is open to female golfers.  Athletes must be residents of the Gold Coast region or hinterland and be a current financial member of their Local Association.

Athlete Benefits

Players will also be involved with life skill sessions including social media, injury prevention and treatment, nutrition and topics which will develop their approach to training and competition.

One of the many benefits will be the opportunity to play with some of the Gold Coast golfing ambassadors which include former and current touring professionals, who will help with young player’s approach and mind development while playing.  Communication to athletes and parents will be via TeamApp.