Rugby Union

Program Overview

The Gold Coast Academy of Sport (GCAS) is pleased to be able to provide a long-term talent development program for players from the age of U/15.  Players, coaches and administrators receive opportunities to be involved in a program focused on developing their skills and understanding of the sport in the hope they are encouraged to continue their involvement to higher levels of representative rugby local and regional representation.

The program has been developed to provide athletes with targeted long-term skills, alongside the educational elements that enhance performance.  Topics such as Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Psychology and Body Maintenance and Rehabilitation all help the athletes to better understand how they can approach their development.

The annual program is held from Late January to March/April with regular squad training sessions focused on individual skill development.

Rubgy Union

Staff – Jack Moon, Adam Fahey

Agapetos Lote-Felo

Ashton Kaltenbach

Ben McGuane

Ben Millar

Conor Wilkie

Desire Skelton

Fuifui Taito

Harrison Brooker

Heath Tilcock

Henry Folo

Hugh Cromack

Hugo Hawke

Jamie Bulford

Jarrell Lauvao

Jaxon Todd

Jet Macdonald

Liam Ball

Maison Guilfoylr

Max Miles

Nikau Ormsby

Oliver Evans-Bucklow

Oliver Kennedy

Rhys Simpson

Robbie Warwick

Ryder Nathan

Seth Bird

Sonny Stewart

Taiga Daly

Selection Process

Nominations are encouraged through clubs. An invitation is forwarded to clubs to identify and nominate talented players who will benefit from additional skill development and educational sessions. 


The program will include specific training days and educational seminars delivered by professional presenters to help prepare players for the upcoming season.

The program provides identified talented players with an opportunity to learn and compete against the best in their age group.  It is hoped that these sessions will further the love of the sport and the development of skills for players to engage and strive for higher level representation.


The target age group for positions within the Rugby Union program is for 14 year old male athletes residing on QLD’s Gold Coast.

Athletes must be a member of the Gold Coast District Rugby Union and/or an affiliated club or be prepared to join one.

Athlete Benefits

There will be a program levy which covers the cost of a full uniform kit including dress polo shirt, training shirt, training shorts and socks, plus a ball.

  • Access to attend educational seminars, presentations and special events through the GCAS
  • Access to the GCAS TeamApp for streamlined communication opportunities with coaches and ease of access to additional information and resources from the GCAS
  • Invitation to the GCAS Annual Awards Evening later in the year
  • Invitation to special seminars conducted by GCAS or partners

Athlete Commitments 

Athletes who commence the program are encouraged:

  • To attend all compulsory training and education sessions as scheduled
  • If unable to attend sessions, message to be sent to Programs Manager to advise
  • Be committed to a holistic approach to their development both on and off the field
  • Comply with the training requirements and respond in a positive manner to any suggestion or criticism
  • Behave and dress in a professional and dignified manner whilst representing the GCAS and its sponsors