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The Gold Coast Academy of Sport, with the support of the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), is seeking your help to raise funds to support the Academy’s Developing Athlete programs for aspiring youngsters within the Gold Coast and surrounding communities.

The Academy program “Funding the Future” initiative aims to raise money towards further development of GCAS sport programs to continue to engage and provide opportunities for athletes and assist in their growth to reach their goals and dreams.

Funds raised through this initiative will benefit local athletes to gain recognition, grow in confidence and stature and together, benefit the local community. GCAS is not limited to one sport but the Academy is aiming to grow its base of 10 sporting programs to reach the further community and engage with families and other businesses.

The Academy is looking to partner with ‘Friends’ to grow and evolve to support athletes to advance their technical sporting skills as well as grow their knowledge in the basic education of sports science. It is essential athletes gain a better understanding of nutrition, body maintenance, sports psychology, strength and conditioning, study skills, drugs, alcohol and social media and much, much more. All these elements together, offer athletes the opportunity to develop their true potential within their chosen sport and discipline

Your tax deductible donation to the “Friends of the Academy’ family will be an investment in the growth and development of the youth on the Gold Coast. They are our most precious resource and as we approach the 2018 Commonwealth Games it would be amazing to identify talent and encourage their passion.

Your tax deductible donation is an investment in the development of our most precious resource…Our youth!

For any enquiries regarding the ASF Donation Program, please contact GCAS Executive Director, Glynis Nunn on 0414 912 345 or

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