Program Overview

The Gold Coast Academy of Sport (GCAS), is pleased to partner with Queensland Taekwondo to help support their performance pathways for students to reach their highest potential.  We are focused on providing athletes who are interested in broadening their educational knowledge to help further support their training and competition.

Whilst the state association offers the integral skill development, the Academy focuses on engaging with students to improve their knowledge on how to enhance other areas of their performance.  Athletes have the opportunity to take part in an education program delivered by professional presenters on specific topics that will enhance their approach to training and competition.  Topics covered vary from all aspects of Nutrition and maintaining or controlling weight, preparation, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, social media and thinking positively. The ‘whole’ player is becoming a development philosophy which is being promoted.

For further information, please go to the Australian Taekwondo Queensland website.  

The goal is to support taekwondo martial artists of all levels to become the best they can be.