Program Overview

The academy is excited to introduce weightlifting to our 2023 program.

During 2023 we will be delivering a 2-day school holiday clinic incorporating the skill acquisition components of weightlifting alongside holistic educational workshops such as body maintenance and recovery, sport psychology, and nutrition.

Why is technique important in weightlifting?

Incorrect weight training techniques can lead to sprains, strains, fractures and other painful injuries that may hamper your weight training efforts.

Why is it important to use the correct technique when you exercise?

Performing exercises correctly ensures that the load is placed on the muscles and joints that are being specifically targeted through the movement. Performing an exercise incorrectly can quite often lead to other joints and muscles being loaded or not getting the full benefit from the exercise in the target muscles.

Rubgy Union

X2 Level 3 Accredited ASCA Coaches (Australian Strength & Conditioning Association) 



Selection Process

Applications for the 2-day weightlifting clinic are currently open and close 20th June. 


To be eligible for a GCAS Weightlifting program, athletes must be:

  • Athlete – Males or females aged between 12 – 18 years of age

There will be a program levy that of $175 covers the cost of a venue, equipment, coaches, and presentations.

Athlete Benefits

(this is for the 2-month program once dates are confirmed)

  • Access to attend educational seminars, presentations and special events through the GCAS 
  • Access to the GCAS TeamApp for streamlined communication opportunities with coaches and ease of access to additional information and resources from the GCAS
  • Invitation to the GCAS Annual Awards Evening later in the year
  • Invitation to special seminars conducted by GCAS or partners